After the search for your dream apartment is finished, a date for the removal should be found. Cancellate your rental contract in due time, remind you if necessary to pay back the deposit and make an appointment with the landlord to hand over the apartment.

What furniture will be taken into the new apartment - and above all, will it fit through the doors or windows. Measure them out as a precaution. It is important that the furniture can be transported into the respective rooms - not only whether the furniture can be placed correctly in the particular room!

Which deregistrations or cancellations are necessary. Think not only of friends, acquaintances and relatives:

Telephone, electricity and gas works, post office, newspaper publishers or dispatchers, insurances (not only those of the car), mail order companies, bank or savings bank, health insurance, GEZ, state pension office, registration office/local authority

For the first six months after your move, you can receive a forwarding request at your post office.
When your children leave their old school or kindergarten, they must be deregistered there and registered with the city or municipal administration at their new place of residence.after the preparations have been made, we usually start packing your household goods into transport containers. But packing has to be learned. There will certainly be things in your household to which your heart is attached. You should have such things packed by our trained staff. Of course, this is especially true when it comes to works of art and antiques. This increases security and guarantees insurance protection (just in case!).

The 6 most important rules for packaging

Rule No 1: For safety reasons, cartons should not be packed too full and should be capable of being closed (stackable)

Rule No 2: In principal, containers should be packed so that the heavy pieces are at the bottom.

Rule No.3: When packing breakable items, make sure that everything is well padded. Do a noise test: If your removal box sounds or rattles even slightly after shaking, you should find out where the noise comes from.


Rule No 4: At the bottom, secure dishes and glasses with a thick layer of crumpled newspaper. Store plates upright in the removal carton. (as in the dishwasher) Cups should not be placed inside each other.

Rule No 5: Wrap small items (such as lids, napkin rings, etc.) in eye-catching paper so that nothing is overlooked when unpacking.

Rule No 6: Stow your personal belongings and valuables in a bag that you can carry yourself.


When packing, it should be noted immediately on the removal carton what its contents are and where it is to go (e.g. crockery, display case, living room).

Important! Write on the side wall, because if the removal boxes are on top of each other, the lid is not visible.

Furniture assembly: In principle, every piece of furniture that can be dismantled should be dismantled, as it cannot be guaranteed that the connecting elements can hold the weight of the piece of furniture itself.
The easiest way, however, is to have the disassembly/assembly carried out professionally by our trained staff.

Other: Please arrange it so that on the day of the move there is a possibility to park the furniture van in front of the old apartment and the new apartment. This is best done with 2 old chairs or boxes, between which a rope with an information sign is stretched. In unfavorable cases, your USD REMOVAL partner will have a "parking zone" set up for you through the city administration.

The most important principle for your move is:
Stay calm.